Company Background

Luxury Wine Mongolia (LWM) is a specialist Wine Company that has been established to provide access to classic wines from the most value wine regions of the world, including Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, other regions in France, Italy, Spain, Chili, Australia, Germany...

We are specializing in sourcing and distributing iconic, mature fine wines from the world’s most celebrated producers at highly competitive prices. Through our long-standing relationships within the market, LWM’s wine list provides access to a spectacular selection of wines, both the celebrated labels of the most famous wine regions.

LWM’ aim is to fulfill the request of wines from private customers and top hotels and restaurants in Mongolia.

LWM has evolved from a luxury retail sales with TTEM to one of the most reputable on trade suppliers in the country. We establish a good cooperation with the main players in the market for a long term relationship.